Pangeia Restaurant is the result of rehabilitation works that transformed a unique house into a place that boasts an elegant décor and a welcoming atmosphere. The outdoors offers a garden and a terrace with a superb view over the town of Nazaré and the Atlantic Ocean.

Its one-of-a-kind architecture and elegant spaces are designed to offer exceptional comfort for special and formal events or moments.

The various indoor and outdoor spaces and our excellent service and professionalism combine to make the Pangeia the perfect spot in which style, refinement and the best cuisine come together under the same roof to offer unique sensations.

Logotipo Pangeia


National prestige

International recognition

Local cuisine landmark


Speedy and quality service

Experience and know-how

Unforgettable moments of pleasure

Unique flavours and sensations


Commitment and sustainability

Initiative and dedication

Attention to detail

Friendliness, elegance, and excellence

Background history

Pangeia was the supercontinent that, according to reports, and described by the continental drifted, existed 200 or 540 million years ago during the Paleozoic era. The word stems from the fact that all continents were assembled together (pan from the Greek = all, entire, whole) and expresses the notion of totality, universality, forming a single bloc of land (gea) or Geia, Gaia (mythology) or Ge as the Greek Titan that personified the earth and all its elements. – from Wikipedia

The concept behind the Pangeia Restaurant was to create a unique place with an extremely good cuisine and varied menu, where the proximity of the sea could provide the perfect climate for the fusion of aromas and flavours. The restaurant has a once in a lifetime view and unique features. Its elegance and comfort make the clients’ experience meaningful and unforgettable. The varied cuisine and wines from all over the world enhances the best that Portugal has to offer, fully in harmony with the best world cuisines.

Opening hours

Restaurant – Bar

Lunch (12:30 – 15:00)
Dinner (19:00 – 22:00)
Closed for rest: Sunday dinner and Monday


Seats +100
Terrace and garden
Special events
Varied cuisine
Several octopus specialties

Forms of payment

  • Deuxième visite l’accueil toujours aussi charmant et la cuisine excellente =-)
    Plein de succès pour la suite…

    – Sonia et Florent “Les petits Suisse” =-D

  • A vida se resume em momentos.
    Momentos que se eternizam.
    Ao lado da família e amigos, conseguimos nos realizar.
    Realizar com um bom prato, um bom vinho, um bom restaurante.
    Parabéns, vocês eternizaram a minha.

  • OMG, what amazing people.
    Amazing ambiance! Amazing view.
    WOW! The Food! Amazing!!!
    I’m 50 and this is some of the best food we have eaten!
    We want only success for you all. Thank you!
    May God Bless you and your business…

  • Le miller restaurant que l’on ai mangé Trés bon, excellent, 20/20!
    Un accueil magistrale avec un personnel attachant et d’une gentillesse exemplaire.
    Nous revenons chaque jour ici pour manger de la qualité et recevoir un plein d’amour!!